Create Router with Percentage Model

When selecting the percentage model in a lead router, you can edit each users percentage.

Lead routers include specific distribution models. Our most common distribution model is the percentage model. This is chosen when you are creating or editing a lead router. 

Percentage based distribution models will become more and more accurate as the volume of leads increases. For example, if there are 10 users in the rotation and distribution is split with 50% given to one user, after 10 leads distribution will be close to 50%, and after 100 leads it will be statistically even closer. 

In order to chose the percentage model, simply:

  • Navigate to Lead Routers in the main navigation
  • Select or Create a Lead Router to set the model on. If you are creating a new lead router refer to this article 
  • Navigate to Model on the Lead Router menu
  • Select Percentage under Distribution Model
  • Enter the Percentage fields for each User on the Lead Router
  • Click Save