Your platform for managing and optimizing inbound lead flow


Easily manage user assignment schedules

Manage each reps availability, working hours and out of office dates in one place. Quickly see which users are available to take leads.


Route based on percentages

Distribute leads based on percentages, allowing you to assign more leads to higher performers and increase conversion rates.


Speed up time to first response with SLA’s

Create sales level agreements that ensure leads are responded to within a certain amount of time otherwise they are reassigned or notified.

How Routera works?

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Step One

Integrate with your CRM in seconds

Avoids having to edit complex workflows, and make changes to rotations quickly. In minutes operation teams can create distributions. 

“Easy to implement, easy to use. Finally I can control the flow of lead for each user based on rules and not manually.”


Step Two

Bulk invite users in 1 click

Import users directly from HubSpot in 1 click

“Our time to first response has dropped 50% since we started using Routera last month”


Step Three

Create a router

Chose which users will receive leads in this router, and other rules like account based matching for B2B sales.

“This has been a game-changer for us. If you manage a sales team and/or lead assignment process that is complicated - this will make your life a LOT easier...”


Step Four

Manage user availability in one place

Works with multiple time zones, set user working hours, out of office dates and connect directly with Google Calendar

“Our time to first response has dropped 50% since we started using Routera last month”


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Latest Features

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Conversions Builder

Measure key conversion points by router, team or individual assigned user.

Create goals for contacts, companies, deals and tickets
Track how many leads met each conversion
Report on each sales users sales conversions in one simple place


Dynamic Dashboards

Quickly see who is receiving and working inbound leads.

Dynamic reports and dashboards