Double your pipeline’s conversion rates

Growing sales teams use Routera to control lead assignment generated from marketing, and ensure adherence is met.


This leads to quicker response times, organized pipelines, and more pipeline moved to closed won. 

Routera's router allows you to distribute any incoming object on HubSpot

Finally put an end to leaky funnels

Hot leads are slipping through the cracks of your sales pipeline. Integrate Routera to your CRM in 5 minutes and make sure every lead
is assigned to the right person, worked and accounted for.



Gain visibility into your sales pipeline, assign new opportunities to the right users, and add adherence to ensure prospects are worked

Lead Routers

Assign every incoming lead with precision

Build routers to make sure all incoming leads are assigned to the right rep. Distribute with flexibility and increase win probability. 

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Keep everyone’s sales queue clean

Set capacities to ensure each rep can only have a certain number of open leads at one time. 

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Ensure all incoming leads are contacted quickly

Set time limits on how long a rep has to reach out to a lead. Reducing time to first response.

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Companies trust Routera to increase growth

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This has been a game-changer for us, and highly recommend it. If you manage a sales team and/or lead assignment process that is complicated - this will make your life a LOT easier

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Adam Blye
Marketing Director, Poli Mortgage

Easy to implement, easy to use. Finally I can control the flow of leads for each user based on rules and not manually.

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Ronen Perets
Co-Founder, CPO at iMoving

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