Automatically assign anything in HubSpot

Route any object in HubSpot to the right person, based on their availability and capacity

1 million leads routed



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One place to manage all assignments


Manage user availability and OOO

Users and managers can update availability from anywhere.


Route leads based on performance

Route based on a weighted distribution. Reps that convert more leads receive more.


Set capacities to manage scale

Don't overload sales reps and lose marketing spend. Cap how many open leads reps can manage at once.


Integrates in seconds, packed with features for your CRM.

Unlimited Routers

Automatically assign

Avoid having to edit complex workflows when users are out of the office or not receiving leads.

“Easy to implement, easy to use. Finally I can control the flow of lead for each user based on rules and not manually.”

Doug Demarco
Chief Operations Officer

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Respond quicker

Set time limits on how long a rep has to reach out to a lead. Reducing time to first response.

“Our time to first response has dropped 50% since we started using Routera last month”

Revenue Operations Director


Increase conversions

Set capacities to limit how many leads each rep can receive every day. Build sales tiers that allow certain reps to receive more leads. 

“This has been a game-changer for us. If you manage a sales team and/or lead assignment process that is complicated - this will make your life a LOT easier...”

Adam Demarcus
Chief Operations Officer


Over 50+ installs on the HubSpot App Marketplace

Excellent tool - Very needed

Easy to implement, easy to use. Finally I can control the flow of lead for each user based on rules and not manually.

EXACTLY what we needed to help with lead assignment rotation

Routera has allowed the members of the sales team mark themselves available/unavailable and would put them in or out of the round-robin assignment accordingly. No more needing to manually go in and remove "tom" from every lead assignment workflow

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