How to Create a Lead Assignment Strategy That Drives Revenue

revenue centric lead distribution strtategy with routera

Your marketing & sales strategy are fundamental factors to your company’s success. You have to keep an eye on your sales team's performance to improve the efficiency of your sales operations and drive more revenue. This calls for an efficient sales process which includes intaking leads, routing them to the team, working on them, and converting them. Moreover, with efficiency comes automation, and this blog post will talk about automating email lead routing in your sales process to meet revenue milestones faster.


Let's Discuss Lead Distribution First!


Lead Distribution is a critical and thoughtful process of assigning incoming leads to your sales team or specific reps. Sales reps then work on the lead by calling them, or sending them follow-up emails and offers to convert them into customers.


Not long ago, sales managers used to distribute leads among the sales teams manually, but the problem with this approach is that when the company expands with time, the work of lead distribution also expands unconditionally.


With the increasing workload of incoming leads, an effective and automated lead routing strategy is necessary for every sales team. Not implementing an automated lead routing process can cost you a lot in the long run because you are not making your sales reps' life any easier.


Prioritize Your Team!


Prioritize your team over your customers. Many companies burn out their reps while trying to please each of their customers but end up losing more than a company that keeps their team the top priority. This is because the reps only have limited productivity and focus, which needs to be utilized in the most efficient way possible. After all, they bring customers in the first place, so they need to be happy first.


Great sales strategies ensure that their reps are compensated by automating and streamlining their workflow to work more efficiently and successfully close sales.


The most important thing to remember is that an excellent email lead rotation strategy automatically generates the most revenue. So, think in terms of excellence rather than going after every cent.


Creating a Revenue-Centric Lead Distribution


Planning the lead routing strategy properly is vital to generate revenue. Automated lead distribution reduces response time, increases conversions, and improves the team’s productivity.


Here are a few tips to help you create a killing lead assignment strategy that drives revenue.


Evaluate Your Lead Distribution Approach

To create a successful lead distribution strategy, it's important to evaluate your approach carefully. Whether you have a small or large team, it's crucial to have a plan in place when starting or rebranding a business.


Before implementing your distribution plan, consider thinking outside the box and coming up with approaches that your competitors may not have considered. A well-thought-out approach can lead to increased revenue for your sales department.


Having a system in place for tracking and managing leads is crucial for any business looking to follow up with and convert leads into customers effectively. Some managers use a spreadsheet with columns for information such as the lead's name, contact information, status (e.g. "new," "follow-up," "converted"), and notes about the lead's interests or needs. It serves the basic purpose but is not efficient enough and hard to update.


Another and better option is a CRM (customer relationship management), which is a software that helps businesses manage interactions with current and potential customers. It typically includes features such as lead tracking, email integration, sales forecasting, and customer analytics. Using a CRM like HubSpot can help you efficiently manage and organize your leads and track the progress of your sales efforts.


HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a powerhouse of email marketing and has all the necessary features needed to kickstart an effective marketing campaign. But… even HubSpot has drawbacks that you can not simply ignore if you want to create hyperproductive email marketing campaigns. One of the features where HubSpot lags behind is email lead rotation or distribution.


Intelligent Lead Distribution Approach

While there is a problem, there is also a solution. Instead of relying solely on HubSpot’s complicated workflows, you can use one of HubSpot’s apps called Routera. This eliminates the need to set up workflows for lead assignments to your team.


Leads are automatically transferred to Routera, where you can select the method of lead rotation between specific team members and you are ready to go. You can select between various distribution methods such as weighted distribution, round robin, performance-based routing, AI-based rotation, and more.


This gives sales managers greater control over how leads are distributed among the reps and streamlines processes. This in turn, increases revenue due to improved operational efficiency.


HubSpot Workflows VS Routera’s Automated Routing

HubSpot Workflows is a marketing automation tool that helps businesses automate repetitive tasks (i.e. lead assignment) and trigger personalized communications with their contacts. While workflows can be a helpful tool for simplifying marketing and sales processes, it is vital to be aware of potential drawbacks. These may include complexity, limited flexibility, performance issues, and cost.


Workflows can be challenging to set up and maintain, especially for businesses with many contacts or a variety of marketing campaigns. It may also be difficult to manipulate certain types of data or integrate with external tools. In addition, depending on the size of your contact database and the number of Workflows you have running, you may encounter performance issues.


Finally, Workflows is a paid feature of HubSpot, which may be a significant investment for some businesses.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, an email lead assignment strategy is very important in order to maximize the team’s productivity and revenue. By setting up a system for following up with leads, setting up a system for tracking and managing leads, establishing a process for assigning leads, determining the frequency of follow-ups, and automating emails, you can create a strategy that helps you efficiently convert leads into customers and drive revenue for your business. By monitoring the results of your strategy and making adjustments as needed, you can continually improve and optimize your approach to lead management.


It all starts with the lead distribution. That’s why try Routera for free today!