What are automated lead distribution models?

An automated lead distribution model is the method that leads are being automatically assigned to users. These can vary from fair distribution models such as round robin to performance based models such as weighted rotations. Choosing the right distribution model can help improve sales conversion rates quickly. 


Why choosing the right automated lead distribution model is important?

Implementing the right lead distribution model has been shown to increase lead volume, contact rates and closing rates. It also can help improve speed to lead. This is how quickly a lead is worked after being assigned. In some businesses leads can go cold very quickly, and not contacting leads within minutes can lead to lost opportunity. 


In Routera you can set up round robin, percentage and AI based distribution models


To understand which distribution model is best suited for your business, let's discuss each separately.


Round Robin: A fair distribution model that evenly assigns leads. In a round robin distribution, if a sales team has 3 reps; rep 1 will receive the first lead, rep 2 receives the second, rep 3 receives the third and then back to rep 1 and so on. 


Weighted: Weighted distribution models are more performance based. For example the top reps may have 5% more leads then other reps. This allows more leads to flow to top performers, and incentivize low performers to increase performance. 


Territory: Region based distribution models will only assign specific leads that are based in a specific territory. For example you may have a sales team that is based in the east coast region of the US, thus only leads from that region will be distributed to that team or individual. 


AI Based: A new lead distribution model that uses a proprietary algorithm to send the lead to the right person. Great for high volume lead distribution campaigns. 


Depending on:

• How quickly leads need to be worked once acquired

• How well your sales team is currently performing

• How many leads are going unworked 

• and other factors...

may influence the choice of distribution model for your lead distribution