What is a lead rotation and how to build it into your CRM?

Lead rotation simply put, is the divvying up of incoming leads to users typically on a sales team.

For example; a marketing team will generate leads, and eventually those leads will be worked by a sales representative. This process of assigning the lead is usually managed on your CRM. 


Distribution of leads can be accomplished in different ways within a CRM. Manually or automatically. If you are still manually assigning leads (i.e. changing contact/company/deal/ticket owners one by one) consider looking into automated lead distribution.


In automated lead distribution systems often time there will be a distribution model


Some common distribution models include:

• Round Robin (fair distribution)

• Weighted

• Regional/Territory



Routera's distribution model options include round robin, weighted/percentage and AI based.


To build a successful lead routing system, having a good understanding of your current marketing and sales process is crucial. 


Ask yourself the following:

1. What sources are driving leads to enter your CRM?

2. Which lead source considers leads as sales/marketing qualified? 

3. When does a lead need to contacted?

4. Which users receive incoming leads? 

5. How are leads currently being assigned to team members?


Answering these questions will allow you to formulate a flow of leads into a lead distribution system that has been set with specific parameters, such as which users, and when they are received. 


Many times simple lead assignment systems built in for example a HubSpot workflow, aren't enough to push a sales team towards success. 


With lead assignment comes performance analysis, close rate optimization, and many other factors that can ultimately improve a sales system. If these aren't in place many times a portion of leads will fall through the gaps. Consider adding conditionals to your lead rotation system as to catch any leads that haven't been reached out to after being assigned ( 24 hours after assignment or another time SLA agreement). 


Routera's SLA tool allows reassignment if SLA targets are missed


Adding automated lead assignment to any CRM is easy with our tool Routera.


Otherwise, it can be built into a HubSpot automation workflow. Those questions we tackled above will help you better set the workflow enrollment triggers. Which will be followed by potential if/then conditionals such as if they are already assigned. Subsequently, you'll need to add in the "rotate to owner" action.